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Curature Munched: 10 HEADS FESTIVAL


October 26, 2015 / Curature Munched!

Driving past Gurgaon toll overlooking the festivity around the #10headsfestival is not quite a possibility, I bet. Colourful tents and the chaotic rapture marked with people bustling in and out of the gala zone, feature its scenic delight strikingly. But the sovereignty that commanded my presence to grace the occasion was the amazing music bleeding out of this kingly province into the skies.

Curature Munched | 10 HEADS FESTIVAL | The Experience

I got my tickets from the huge box office where an enthusiastic crew was juggling with an enormous mass of people so very proficiently. With my heart beating fast in my stomach, I dashed towards the entry gates manifested by the plantation of a beautiful fountain. The moment I entered, I instinctively felt that the experience would be surreal. Colourful flags paved way for me towards a line of stalls accommodated with amazing accessories, fashion clothing, fancy items and collectibles. The market had my heart stolen. I longed to walk inward, dressed in the fashion of those stalls. An extravaganza of colours and the pride vesting in the make of every thing had me imbibed thoroughly.

Accesories and  fashion.JPG

On entry.JPG

Crossing those stalls I came across the 24*7 store which you're surely aware of. After all, our midnight treats and cravings depend on the very existence of the convenience store! We all love their hotdogs, don’t we?


As I walked past the store, I came across a gigantic pink log which two men were dragging, followed by a trail that led to the food stalls or as they called it, the "FOODISTAN”, curated and managed by Chef Saby. Every stall had something exquisitely unique to serve. Every cuisine they had, harboured in their humble abode. Trees were decorated with light lamps and funky tables were laid out to dine on. Everything was near perfect. There were a number of small carts serving Himalayan delights, desserts and baked items.



They had fashioned an impressive ‘Farmer's Market’ with several carts which exclusively sold the best of farmers produce, organic foods and exotic spices. As carts drove farms on wheels, the necessity of the farming culture in the world and our dependency on the farming population living in the rural with no credit to their labour earned my respect immensely.


Then rang the play bell. The sound of it had me marching towards the play area, an exclusive spectrum dedicated to the fun of gaming, comics, animation, film and cosplay. As I crossed it, I found myself standing miniature at the foot of a giant colourful tent that encompassed the "JAADUNAGRI”. The ‘Jaadunagri’ belonged to magicians and their fancy play. There, I witnessed some amazing magicians, engaged in wooing people with their impressive tricks.


As I walked past through it, I came across the three amazing food trucks - The Drifters Cafe, Frugurpop and What The Truck. The Drifters Cafe serving south-east Asian flavours with an Indian twist had their market rolling to people’s requests, while Frugurpop, the popsicle truck had my stomach groaning for a taste of their delightful ice candies. What The Truck, with their generic meals on wheels had people coming easy at the look of their menu offering burgers, rolls and wings.


As I crossed them I was stunned by a masterpiece! A rig of decorated pots, with designs in paint, hanging by strings on overhead railings of metal, smiling like eyes protruding from the sky.


The last and the best from the lifestyle of this province was yet to be seen. It was time to head towards the splendid stage, with the finest of musicians on board. The gigantic deck was captained by artists like MojoJojo, Badshah, Daddy G, Lucky Ali, Medieval Punditz, etc. They wrapped the stage with their own instrumented beat, taking the crowd by storm, with their house, the stage, and the people, their life form.

10 Heads Lineup.JPG

The body of the stage was girdled with exclusive stalls from the well known cafes and restaurants of Delhi, like Raasta, Cafe Delhi Heights, The Beer Cafe, etc. Immense as they were, holy were their gestures. Pleasurably organised, measurably charming, enticing, inviting. They had the music fanatics fed to their hearts content and their energies restored through endless performances by the wonderful artists.



I bid goodbye to the joyous carnival, after celebrating my day to its fullest in the name of the grand food festival and ended my journey. My departure was as heart warming as my arrival had been. As I marched towards the exit the last thing my eyes met with was a huge colourful banner that read ‘Thank You’.

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